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Fast Debt Recovery | Successful Collection of $33.5k in full cash | Breach of Car Rental Contract Pe

#TeamFDR | We’re starting the holiday weekend with a huge bang! Today’s deployment by our newest Enforcement team, Team D(elta) was a tremendous success! A total sum of $33,500 was retrieved from a debtor on behalf of one of our automotive retainer clients. The story behind the accumulation of such a high-valued debt is an interesting one. The debtor rented a vehicle from our client and made illegal modifications to it. The unauthorised act was undetected until a few months ago and we were tasked with duty of repossessing the car and collecting back the penalties as per his contractual obligations to our client namely; (1) Restoration of the vehicle; (2) Rental cost; (3) Breach of contract penalties; (4) and other misc penalties; that totalled to a sum of SGD$33,500 and which was finally collected in full after a series of deployment that spanned across a few weeks.

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