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Headquartered in Singapore, Fast Debt Recovery Specialist is local Debt Collection Agency that specialises in B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer(s) and collection of individual debts (personal loans etc). Complete with our tailored collection initiatives, experience and passion for restoring hope to creditors that have been swindled of their possessions and/or hard-earned money, Fast Debt Recovery Specialist is more than just another enforcement agency; we are the counsellor, the advisor, the defender and most importantly, the comrade that will walk you through the complexities of Debt Collection and help you retrieve what is owed with reliability, efficiency and utmost professionalism. 

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Ms Lyn serves as the Founder and Advisor of Fast Debt Recovery Specialist. With her experience in the years , building the FDR brand.


We are law-abiding

Fast Debt Recovery believe in safeguarding our clients' interest at all times, that is why we only operate with the confines of the Singapore law, especially the Singapore 'Protection Of Harassment Act.' With the assistance of our in-house legal team and our DPO to keep the privacy of our clients and debtors safe, and also a registered trademark to protect our brand and to ensure the quality of our services.

We are Trademark Registered


The purpose of the trademark is the same, irrespective of its type. It allows the consumers to distinguish the source of the product/service and assures the quality of the product or service.


Heard horror stories about the a business's reputation and/or a client reputation being tarnished due to the engaging of Debt Collectors? You do not have to worry with Fast Debt Recovery by your side. Not only are our staff well-versed in the POHA (Protection of Harassment Act) law, all deployments are carefully structured to ensure that no laws are broken during the collection process.  

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Data Protection Services


Data Protection Officer - Paul Ho


We believe in safeguarding our clients’ interests at all times in abiding by the laws. An important point about privacy, saying that the debtor’s privacy must not be infringed upon, and neither should they be discriminated against. Your data safety and privacy are very important to us. Your info on secure servers will never be shared.

Aggressive debt collection agencies might accidentally contravene certain laws such as invasion of privacy that would cause trouble for themselves or their clients.


What is PDPA Act Singapore?

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) provides a baseline standard of protection for personal data in Singapore. It complements sector-specific legislative and regulatory frameworks. PDPA is a personal data protection law that protects the storage, use and disclosure of personal data, both directly and indirectly, in accordance with the purpose and with the consent of the personal data subject.

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